• Listening: Birds singing, crickets chirping and the leaves on trees rustling as I sit on the patio at the Rudd’s. Oh and I think a firework just went off. I hope it was a firework anyway!!  
  • Eating: Cinnamon sugar tortilla 
  • Drinking: Gin & Tonic, my new favorite go to drink
  • Wearing: Barebones T-shirt and comfy-loose-baggy-get lost in them-sweatpants
  • Feeling: Calm, pensive
  • Weather: 78 degrees and mostly cloudy ~~ Why the patio is heaven right now
  • Wanting: a hot stone massage, and to dream again
  • Needing: a lot more Jesus and someone to talk to
  • Thinking: I’m always thinking…my brain NEVER stops ~~ but right now, present thoughts are directed towards Halen’s baby shower tomorrow and about journaling my thoughts (so i’m not always thinking…i’ve got to get this balanced) and my prayers. 
  • Enjoying: The lightening that brightens the dark sky and having time to myself in the silence ~~ well, silence with the symphonic sounds of birds, crickets and leaves
  • Reading: “Step of Faith” from the walk series 

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